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Noun, plural vaadim

Pronunciation: ( Seph.vä-äd'; Ashk. vä'äd) Hebrew.

  • an authorized Jewish representative body that serves in an advisory or supervisory capacity for activities (as the production and sale of kosher food products) of the Jewish community


What is the Louisville Vaad Hakashruth?


We were founded over a century ago by German and Eastern European immigrants in downtown Louisville. In the early 20th century the Vaad was a central authority in the Louisville Jewish community, overseeing spiritual, material and ritual Jewish life. However, sometime within the 20th century those responsibilities had shifted to each individual synagogue.


The Vaad is dedicated to promoting Kosher (Kashrut) in Louisville. We are connecting with local businesses to develop more availability of kosher foods within our community. Kashrut is the body of Jewish law dealing with how foods must be prepared and which foods may or may not be eaten.

The Vaad also oversees the Louisville Community Mikvah which is a specially designed bath in which certain Jewish ritual purifications are performed. The Mikvah is available by appointment to all Jews no matter what background and/or affiliation.

2023 Officers for the Louisville Vaad HaKashruth:

                                                                                                               President:          Steven Goldstein

                                                                                                      Vice President:           Ayala Golding

                                                                                                               Secretary:         Sharon Czerkiewicz

                                                                                                               Treasurer:          Myrle Davis

                                                                                     Kashruth Administrator:            Rabbi Simcha Snaid             

                                                                                                  Lead Mashgiach:            TBD

The Louisville Vaad HaKashruth Board is made up of 4 representatives from each Member Congregation:

Adath Jeshurun Representatives:  Neil Davidoff, Thomas George, Steven Goldstein & Sheila Lynch

Anshei Sfard Representatives:  Jennifer Davis, Myrle Davis, Ayala Golding & Larry Kaplin + Jacob Wishnia (emeritus)

Keneseth Israel Representatives:  Sharon Czerkiewicz, Rabbi Stanley Miles, Alan Roth & Lewis Rowe

Additionally, the Rabbi or religious leader of each of the Member Congregations serves as an advisor to the Vaad Board.


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