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Updated Mikvah Protocols (as of July 26, 2021)

Mikvah Guidelines

 The Louisville Community Mikvah welcomes and encourages use by all Jews of any background and/or affiliation.    Our mikvah was built with community funds and is currently maintained by the Louisville Vaad HaKashruth through  fees from member congregations (presently Adath Jeshurun, Anshei Sfard, Keneseth Israel and Chabad of Kentucky),  families, individuals and donations.  In order to help cover the ongoing costs of maintaining a clean, safe, and  comfortable environment, we ask all mikvah patrons to contribute to the mikvah.


 Women:     The hours reserved for women to immerse are after sunset. Immersions are by appointment only and are to be booked  at least 24 hours in advance. To schedule an appointment, please contact one of our mikvah attendants;


Goldie Litvin - text or call (502) 494-3774  (only attendant who will be available for Friday evenings)

Hindy Snaid - text or call (347) 809-0785

Sheila Lynch (502) 896-9736 or email at

Ariane Barrie-Stern - text or call (347) 907-1660 or email at

Robes and towels will be available for Women ($5 fee).


 Men:     In general, men will have access to the mikvah every day in the early morning, on Friday afternoons and on erev Yom Tov  afternoon between 3-6 pm in the summer and between 1:30-4 pm in the winter.  Access can be obtained by contacting the Rabbi of one’s member congregation/ organization or by contacting  Rabbi Simcha Snaid at (912) 704-2769.

Robes and towels will NOT be provided for Men.

 Conversions:     In general, use of the mikvah for conversions will take place Sunday through Thursday between 10 am – 2 pm. The  officiating Rabbi will contact Rabbi Simcha Snaid at (912) 704-2769 to schedule the conversion. There are no fees for members  and member congregations/organizations.


 Utensil/Dish Toveling (Immersion):     All items immersed must be new and devoid of stickers. Patrons immersing  utensils/dishes must bring their own towels to dry items that were toveled. The mikvah and its surrounding areas including all floors  and waiting area must be left clean and dry and void of any boxes, papers, etc.

Toveling is done by appointment only with at least 24 hour advanced notice and only during the following times:

Monday through Thursday: 10:00 AM - 5:00 PM               Friday: 10:00 AM - 12:00 PM

 Access can be obtained by contacting the Rabbi of one’s member congregation/organization or by contacting Rabbi Simcha Snaid at (912) 704-2769. There are no fees for members and member congregations/organizations.

The Vaad requests that anyone who wants to use the Mikvah give as much advance notice of the need to use the Mikvah, if possible at least 5 days advance notice but no less than 2 days (48 hours). Failure to give adequate notice may create a situation where the Mikvah will not be available. 

In case of urgent need for use of the mikvah during the daytime that does not conform to the

above guidelines, a person should contact Rabbi Simcha Snaid at (912) 704-2769.

Night time use is strictly for women.

 Fees:     The Mikvah serves several constituencies:

  • All Jewish congregations/organizations in Louisville are encouraged to contribute to the Louisville Community Mikvah. Each member congregation/organization shall pay an annual fee of $1500. This entitles the congregation/organization’s rabbis and its members the use of the Mikvah.


  • Households unaffiliated with congregations shall pay an annual fee of $180. Households are defined as a person or group of people occupying a single dwelling.


  • Individuals shall pay a fee of $18.00 for one-time use. Fees must be paid prior to using the Mikvah.


  • Utensil/Dish Toveling (Immersion) shall pay a fee of $9.00 per session.  There are no fees for members and member congregations/organizations.


No one will be prohibited from the use of the Mikvah due to inability to pay.


 All fees must be collected from patrons that are not currently a member or member congregation/organization by the person  providing the service and/or by Rabbi Simcha Snaid prior to use of the Mikvah. All fees collected shall be placed in the secured  mailbox located on the wall in the waiting area.


Rabbi Simcha Snaid at (912) 704-2769          Email:

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